Custom Tapes

Personalise your Packaging with Heatleys Custom Tapes

Custom Tapes

Heatleys offer a range of branding solutions catered to your business' needs where we can customise your products, promotional items, tapes, and packaging with your company logo. We offer a wide range of adhesive tapes and packaging products including custom colours, printing, and branding. Heatleys have their own on-site manufacturing equipment to customise tapes for customers.

Benefits of Custom Packaging

  • Increased brand value and awareness.
  • Better protect packaging with Heatleys wide range of strong holding adhesive tapes. 
  • Valued customer experience, receiving a package that is branded is far more exciting for the customer than receiving a plain package. 


Low, medium and high security options.


Single or multi-item configurations for consumables.


Store from 24 unique items per vending machine.


Get your people the products they need.


Get automatic reorder notifications when stock is running low or out


Data and reporting, down to the user level, give greater visibility.

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Customisation & Personalisation

Heatleys offer a full suite of branding solutions catered to your business' needs. 


Our online embroidery module is easy-to-use, customisable and designed to save you time and money.


Laser Etching & Engraving

Help identify tools and other capital equipment with Heatleys' laser etching and engraving services. 


Custom Tapes

Heatleys' custom tapes are manufactured in our own locations and can be customised with your company colours and logo.


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Contact Heatleys to further discuss your Customisation needs. 

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