Upgrade Your Toolbox This Tax Time

Tax time is around the corner and it’s important to know what tools, assets and other expenses of your business you can and cannot claim.
2 months ago

Laser Etching & Engraving

Customise or help identify your tools and other capital equipment with Heatleys' laser etching and engraving service.
2 months ago

Our Vision Of The Cordless Construction Site

Being a leader in battery pack technology, we continually follow our vision of a cordless construction site in order to provide our users with even more independence.
2 months ago

Leave The Dust Behind

Go for performance and leave the dust behind. Imagine a cleaner workspace where sanding is virtually dust free.
2 months ago

Popular Ness+ Model Extended To Include Sealed Version

Ness+ has become an increasingly popular model in the Bollé Safety glasses range due to its sporty design and comfortable fit.
3 months ago

Stay Warm And Protected This Winter

As we approach the winter season, Heatleys has you covered from head to toe with a wide range of winter supplies including workwear, PPE and safety so you can keep warm and work safe this winter.  
3 months ago

In Focus: Steel Blue Argyle Zip: EH

Steel Blue’s men’s and ladies Argyle® Zip EH ankle height boots include caustic resistant leather, electrical hazard Nitrile outsole and a padded collar and tongue.
3 months ago

Bollé Safety Develops New Cost-effective Polarised Model Of Safety Glasses

Working outside means exposure to varied light conditions. In Australia, a lot of the time there’s a bit of glare about, if not, full out, scorching sun.
3 months ago

New Product Alert: MineARC DEZEGA Ci-30 KS Self-Contained Self-Rescuer

The MineARC DEZEGA Ci-30 KS is a closed-circuit breathing apparatus designed specifically for underground mining to ensure the user does not inhale outside gases after donning.
4 months ago

Different Types of Face Masks and The Protection They Offer

Wearing a face mask has quickly become part of our daily routine, in-fact given our current situation you can’t leave the house without one if you want to enter most venues.
5 months ago