Heatleys eBusiness Solutions Through EDI

What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the direct link and enrichment of data between our ERP and the customers. It gives business customers the ability to integrate business systems with Heatleys, allowing for a seamless, efficient method of completing high volume transactions and exchanging information electronically.

EDI Benefits:

  • A seamless highly efficient method of transacting for high volume customers.
  • Sophisticated systems with integrated functionality.
  • Saves time, money and reduces the need for double entry of purchase orders.
  • Reduces the need for paper catalogues, manual errors and emails.
  • Automation enables an efficient transaction execution and prompt, reliable product and service delivery.
  • Improves traceability and reporting due to integration with IT systems to support data collection, visibility and analysis.

How does EDI work?

Under an EDI arrangement the product range has been pre-selected and both parties have ensured product codes, pricing and other product information is matching in both systems to allow for a seamless data exchange. EDI can be used to place an order, provide order confirmation to the customer, reconcile invoices and perform other administrative functions.

Work Smarter with Heatleys Digital Integration Solutions


Automate the transaction for efficient product delivery. 


Order products without the paperwork hassle.


Tracking and reporting to make quicker decisions.


Reduce the need for double entry of purchase orders.

Spend Management

Reconcile invoices electronically.

Your Products

Pre-approved products and invoices.

  1. What is involved in having Heatleys Vending Solutions set up on-site?

    • Get in touch with our inventory solution specialists who work with you on a proposed inventory range to achieve the solution that best suits your needs.
    • We will then develop and implement employee smart cards which can be used to track usages and allocations. 
    • A reporting system will be set up to monitor and track usage and provide you with real time monitoring and reporting of stock levels and usages.

  2. What are the cost savings associated with Heatleys Vending Solutions?

    • Cost savings in the form of reduced wastage or overuse of consumables. Vending provides a level of accountability to the users to ensure that they are less wasteful in the use of these products.

    • Cost savings in the form of less downtime. Vending allows you to put the machines in remote locations, or high volume locations where the goods are most required. It reduces the downtime of employees walking to/from the stores areas to get the goods and keeps them focused on the tasks at hand.

  3. What items can go in the vending machines?

    Vending Machines are most commonly stocked with PPE and consumable products. However, if you have different requirements, you can stock them accordingly.


Heatleys' eBusiness solutions offer customers three methods of engaging digitally and purchasing safety and industrial items from our website. 


Access your products through Heatleys' Business HUB and manage your companies purchases in the one place. 



EDI facilitates a two-way electronic, paperless exchange of information between Heatleys and our customers. 



PunchOut electronic catalogues provide quick and simple integration with the customers existing ERP system.


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