Stay Warm And Protected This Winter

Stay Warm And Protected This Winter


We give you head to toe tips to stay protected this winter 

As we approach the winter season, Heatleys has you covered from head to toe with a wide range of winter supplies including workwear, PPE and safety so you can keep warm and work safe this winter.  

As the seasons change throughout the year, so should your workwear & PPE. It is important to make sure your workwear and PPE are designed specifically for wet and cold weather, not only for your own comfort but to ensure the safety of yourself and others when on-site.


When working outdoors you are exposed to many unpleasant weather conditions and wearing the correct winter workwear can ensure you to stay dry, warm and comfortable while on the job.

So how do you know what type of winter workwear you will need?

Showerproof garments are designed to only protect you from light rain as they don’t usually have taped seams, therefore water can eventually seep through the material. Showerproof garments are treated with a durable water repellent to help water run off easily.

Waterproof garments have fully taped seams and are made with a completely waterproof outer fabric. They are designed to keep you dry for longer.

Windproof garments are usually a lot thinner than waterproof and showerproof ones. On their own they won’t keep you very warm but if you wear them as a top or outer layer it will protect you from chilling winds and light rain


Like workwear there are many different types of footwear designed for wet weather and it is important to know what levels of water resistance each one offers.

Many work boots are made from a water resistant leather, designed to repel water from the surface of the boot. However, the level of water resistance will depend on the type of leather. For example, a full-grain, waxy leather will be more water resistant than a velvet-like Nubuck leather. Water resistant boots are perfect if you are working on-site where there is a light exposure to water or wet environments.

If you work in environments where there is a possibility of your feet being fully submerged in water, such as wet, muddy environments like underground mining then you need a waterproof boot. A key feature to look out for in waterproof boots is the stitching. To make a boot waterproof the stitching must be coated with a seam sealing tape that prevents water getting in through the stitch holes.

Finding the correct waterproof or water-resistant boot for your working environment will not only keep you warm and dry but increase the longevity of your footwear.


Eyewear is one of the most important pieces of PPE you can wear. However, during the colder months your safety glasses or goggles are more likely to fog up with the quick temperature changes going from indoors to outdoors. Fog reduces visibility which can lead to accidents in the workplace, but there are 2 easy tips to follow to help avoid this:

1.       Select safety eyewear with a fog-resistant permanent coating. Some lens technologies have been specifically engineered to be fog-resistant and these coatings can improve visibility.

2.       Use an anti-fog spray. If you cannot get safety eyewear with anti-fog technologies, then an anti-fog spray is great temporary solution.


Making sure your hands are protected from the winter weather with the right pair of gloves is just as important as the clothes you wear. Gloves that have a waterproof outer coating will not only keep your hands warm and dry but provide extra grip when dealing with wet and slippery objects if working outdoors in the rain.

No matter what industry you work in or what the weather conditions may be, Heatley’s can help you get ready for Winter.

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