Popular Ness+ Model Extended To Include Sealed Version

Popular Ness+ Model Extended To Include Sealed Version

Ness+ has become an increasingly popular model in the Bollé Safety glasses range due to its sporty design and comfortable fit. Available with Clear, CSP and smoke lenses, Ness+ gives wearers ultimate protection and comfort in a variety of environments. It therefore comes as no surprise that the range has been extended with the release of Ness+Seal, further expanding the usefulness of the model to include work environments that have dust or splash hazards. As with all Bollé Safety products, Ness+ Seal is tested and approved to AS/NZS 1337.1.2010 for medium impact protection, resisting a 6mm ball at 45 m/s.

The new Ness+ Seal is currently available in clear and smoke lens, ideal for perfect optical quality in indoor and outdoor environments. The high wrap angle of the lens not only encourages wearer compliance with its sporty look, but provides panoramic vision for greater safety.

Like other Ness+ models, the sealed product also features Bollé Safety’s exclusive PLATINUM anti-scratch, anti-fog coating. The coating increases longevity of wear by resisting scratches that reduce visibility, and delaying fogging, making it ideal for hot, humid or damp environments, such as underground mines.

The Seal on Ness+ Seal, made from SBR Styrene-Butadiene Rubber material, provides the wearer with protection from liquid droplets or splashes, and dust particles. This protection is further enhanced by a strap, which Ness+ Seal comes assembled with.

As with all Bollé Safety products, comfort and wearability is taken into consideration in the design of their products, and Ness+Seal is no different. Linear designed PC/TPR co-injected temples offer excellent grip and comfort but are also compatible when used with earmuffs and hard hats. Furthermore, a non-slip PVC nose-bridge provides further comfort and reduced marking whilst keeping correct fit even in humid environments.

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