In Focus: Steel Blue Argyle Zip: EH

In Focus: Steel Blue Argyle Zip: EH

Steel Blue’s men’s and ladies Argyle® Zip EH ankle height boots include caustic resistant leather, electrical hazard Nitrile outsole and a padded collar and tongue.

These boots meet the chemical resistant requirements of EN 13832-2 Footwear Resistant to chemicals. Our men’s and ladies Argyle® Zip EH work boots are tested in laboratory conditions and certified by BSI Benchmark.

Our Electrical Hazard boots are non-conductive to help protect the wearer from hazardous step potential. This is the difference in electrical potential between the feet while standing on the ground. These Steel Blue boots are clearly marked and have a distinct yellow colour plug in the rubber sole. This footwear is not suitable where anti-static properties are needed.

Please note: Electrical Hazard footwear should only be used along with primary protective equipment in areas where there is a need to reduce the risk of electric shock. EH safety shoes should never be used as the primary source of protection in an electrical hazard environment. Other methods such as maintaining appropriate distances, use of isolation methods and use of grounding methods for step voltage control should be considered to provide additional protection.


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