Bollé Safety Develops New Cost-effective Polarised Model Of Safety Glasses

Bollé Safety Develops New Cost-effective Polarised Model Of Safety Glasses

Working outside means exposure to varied light conditions. In Australia, a lot of the time there’s a bit of glare about, if not, full out, scorching sun. Polarised sunglasses and safety glasses were developed with glare in mind, as they are designed to block reflected light from horizontal surfaces like concrete, water, glass windscreens etc. Glare occurs due to the nature of the light beams and the structure of the polarised lens. As a result of blocking this glare, polarised glasses improve visibility, because instead of seeing the reflected light, the wearer sees what’s underneath or behind it, and doesn’t have to worry about eye stress or squinting caused by the glare.

Increased visibility equals increased safety, so for workers on construction sites, mines, near water, driving, or anywhere there are non-metallic horizonal surfaces, polarised lenses are a good idea. The only two environments where polarised lenses are not a good idea (other than for personal preference) are when piloting an aeroplane, or when driving in icy terrain. Aeroplanes have polarised windscreens, and if you wear polarised lenses as well, you’ll end up with poor visibility. This is because too much light is blocked due to the two lenses. There’s a test you can do to find out if your lenses are polarised that explains this aviation phenomenon: get two lenses and hold them one behind the other and turn one 90 degrees – if you can’t see through it once turned, the lenses are likely both polarised. You can do the same thing with an LCD screen as the second lens. This complete blockage is not ideal for aviation.

However, for most outdoor workers, polarised eyewear is a great choice, and Bollé Safety has a large range of options to suit a variety of preferences.

Bollé Safety is well known in the PPE industry as a provider of high quality, effective safety eyewear. Constant product innovation and consideration of end-user needs ensure Bollé Safety maintains its position as a market-leading manufacturer.

The most recent product innovation is in the form of a new cost-effective model that answers the needs of customers looking for exceptional quality and effectiveness at a lower price point.

Komet, the new unisex addition to the Bollé Safety polarised collection maintains many of the features of its more premium siblings and is consistent with the design of the range. Its ultra-wraparound design offers a high level of protection and comfort to the wearer and allows for a stylish appearance, for which Bollé Safety eyewear is well known. Research suggests that the way safety eyewear looks is a factor in whether it will be worn or not, thus affecting overall eye safety. As a result, Bollé Safety takes great pains to make sure each product looks great and has a range of options for user preference. Demonstrating this, despite being the more budget-friendly option, Komet is available with high clarity polarised, smoke or red flash lenses.

Komet does not have any metal parts, which makes it useful for electrical work, but the polarised lenses make it ideal for a variety of outdoor work: from open-field mines to marine construction and transportation.

Komet Polarised is made using injection mould technology, where the polycarbonate lens is injected into a mould around the polarised film. The optically precise polarising film is embedded into the lens ensuring it won't wear or scratch off the lens. The company’s polarised lenses provide optical quality and 99.99% protection against UVA/UVB, solar radiation and impacts.

Sustainability also plays a part in Bollé Safety’s dedication to constant innovation. In support of the company’s Go Green strategy, Komet is made using Hot Runner Mold Technology, which results in less material wastage, carbon saving, and reduced carbon emissions.

As with all Bollé Safety products, Komet has been tested and approved to AS/NZS 1337.1.2010 for medium impact protection.

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