Leave The Dust Behind

Leave The Dust Behind


Imagine a cleaner workspace, where sanding is virtually dust free. 

The Xtract Cubitron II Net Disc 710W offers revolutionary sanding technology as it's the first high-performance sanding system with a net disc that is infused with the 3M Precision-Shaped grain and 3M's unique pattern of abrasive. 

Virtually Dust-Free Sanding 

The 710W not only makes sanding virtually dust-free, but also delivers industry leading cut-rate and longer disc life. You'll have little to no additional cleaning once you have completed the job as the net disc was engineered to provide optimal dust extraction on a variety of substrates.

So how does it work? 

The dust produced when sanding is pulled through the net disc to behind the pad where it can continuously exit through the vacuum exhaust. This will work with a filter bag attachment or dust extraction unit.

The 710W is available from Heatley’s in two different sizes, 125mm and 150mm both available in grades 80+ to 320+. 


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